A careful blend of networking, value pricing, customization and teamwork are behind the growth of Employee Care, a Cape Coral-based payroll and employee leasing company.

“I picked Cape Coral because of the lower cost of doing business, the local talent that is readily available, and the location,” said owner Maikel Delgado. “Our company goal is to focus on local businesses even as we grow our international client base.”

When we spoke, Delgado had just signed a contract with a Chinese company with offices on the Florida East Coast. “They sent a delegate from China to ensure that everything went smoothly,” he added.

Employee Care opened its doors in 2011 with just one employee, offering services ranging from preparing payroll to tax submittals and customized, consolidated human resource assistance.

Today, Delgado has four employees with 22 years of payroll experience. Their primary focus is working with Spanish clientele in the construction, hospitality and medical industries.

Marketer Flora Sanchez joined the team this year. “The client comes first,” said Sanchez. “Many clients, especially in the Hispanic community, are more comfortable meeting face-to-face. We want them to know that we plan to be here for the next 20-plus years.”

Delgado finds his business through referrals from 50-plus accountants and from hands-on networking. His team is active with the Southwest Florida Hispanic Chamber, Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce, Cape Coral Construction Industry Association and as part of the Human Resources Association.

He emphasizes that Employee Care is his business, not a franchise. “I’m extremely optimistic about the future,” said Delgado.

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Source: City of Cape Coral Economic Development Office Newsletter, June, 2015