Does your payroll company payroll want you to be a payroll and technology expert and to know exactly what you need to enter into an electronic system or HR software? Are you tired of getting hooked with a low sign-up fee and then have to do most of the entries? Do you feel like you are paying a service fee for any change or question about your payroll?

The #1 Reason for Problems with Payroll Providers

Many payroll companies bait with low fees and then charge you for calling their service department or making changes to your account.
Online quotes and low-ball pricing only get you so far.
How long have you been in business? Do you need worker’s compensation? Do you have an approved worker’s compensation exemption application?
There are many questions to be asked of new clients to be able to find the RIGHT vendor and pricing for your company’s individual needs.

Your Employees Are in Good Hands with Us!

• Our clients pay us to be their payroll and HR experts
• Our clients are reaching out to us when they have payroll questions. At any time.
• Our fees include our personalized service. Our clients never pay for calling our service department or making changes to their account.
• If our clients ever have a payroll problem when they are working with us, our service team is trained to pick up the phone and WORK on it.

We Are the Payroll and HR Experts

We don’t provide online quotes and we don’t publish pricing, because each client’s business is unique with different characteristic and needs.
By properly setting up each new client, we minimize problems in the future.
If things change down the line, for example your company grows and you need more services added – we find solutions for our clients.
We are looking for clients that would like to give us a chance to be their payroll experts.
The word WORK is used daily among our team to remind us to focus on what is important. We are “old school” and we like this mentality. We are always available for specific and general questions and we pride ourselves on working on each individual accounts as if it would be our own business.

If we’re stretched thin with many requests – we will hire more team members.

Please give us a call or click here to send an information request through our contact form.

Employee Care provides payroll services and employee leasing throughout Florida. Including Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

We look forward to working with you!